Award Winning Tigers Den Guest Lodge Accommodation New Zealand.

Award Winning Tigers Den Luxury Lodge And AccommodationTigersDen has recently been awarded the TOP VACATION RENTAL badge by Flipkey and Tripadvisor .  These are two of the most powerful review websites around the world today.

Millions of holiday and vacation makers go to Flipkey and Tripadvisor first when researching were they may holiday this season  .  There is really no were to hide if we do not get our house in order.  It starts when we first recieve an email enquire and how quickly we respond .  The new smart phones today alert us to new enquire via email ,so reply on same day is best.

To get one hundred percent positive reviews is not an easy task . We have found that to get this you must have what we call the WOW factor or as a lot of our guests say O MY GOD  when they arrive at you holiday home or vacation rental .

This may be in the way of an Exceptional View or the presentation of your property must be outstanding in some way. Absolutely clean and tidy is first choice .  The property must have what you say it has and some small surprises can help, smellies , soaps , great linen . We supply some of those really flash towel dressing gowns that the expensive hotels  have and i can tell you the ladies love them.

We need to remember that Tigers Den is not a motel so when you open the pantry draw you dont need to see a minimum of anything . Three cups and saucers ,three plates , three forks and knives will make you feel like you are not welcome so have it set up Like YOU Mean-it.

Tigers Den will be proud to display our award winning Top Vacation Rental Badge on our website.  Please come to the wonderful Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand and stay at Tigers Den Luxury Guest Lodge Waikawa Bay and experience a real Paradise.

Team At Tigers Den .

Click to book with us .

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