Camping in Marlborough


Summer is here and that means camping trips for a lot of people. Marlborough is one of the most ideal locations for camping in New Zealand. The Marlborough region has the perfect package for whatever kind of holiday you want to plan.

The region’s beautiful views and vast variety of activities are an attraction for people from all over the world. The climate and diverse landscapes in the Nelson and Marlborough make it a great place to go camping with your family and friends.

There are commercial campgrounds available where you can camp or pitch up in remote locations like the historic Cobb Cottage site.

But for those people in the party that would like a little bit of luxury, consider Tigers Den as an alternative, you can always catch up with the campers when you are done with sitting on our deck and enjoying the vista that Tigers Den has to offer. Perhaps you would like to book your accommodation with Tigers Den once you have finished with your camping holiday and want to enjoy more luxury.

On request your hosts, Keith and Vanessa Shadbolt, can be available to share their local knowledge and an informal personal tour service so that as a visitor to Tigers Den you can experience the full variety of the many activities that you can indulge in. This may take the form of organising boating access to secluded areas to suit guests’ itinerary, the hiring of jet skis from Tigers Den plus a tour and demonstration around the Sounds, or other associated tourist activity within the local area.

For more information on your Tigers Den accommodation option in Marlborough visit our website.

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